Metal Workshop Building

Project Descripation


This is a typical portal steel frame structure workshop, used for production, processing machinery and equipment. It covers a total area of 4080 square meters, with a length of 102m and a width of 40m. It will be completed in 2020. The steel structure workshop is equipped with sliding doors and windows,  the appearance of blue and white color, simple and beautiful. “Let our client buy the most cost-effective steel structure!”-General manager of Yili.

Project characteristics

The exterior doors and windows of the roof maintenance system of the steel structure workshop are sloping, which can make the rainwater flow smoothly and reduce rainwater leakage better. In addition, we have made a good waterproof covered edge treatment in the lap seam between the covered edge and the roof panel, which has a good waterproof performance.

The surface of the main steel frame is uniformly painted, the purlins and other parts are galvanized in 85 micron in our large zinc pool, which has a very good anti-rust and anti-corrosion effect on the steel structure.

When designing the door, we adopted a 5mx5m sliding door. This sliding door opens a small door for pedestrians in the lower left corner of the right side, which not only meets the needs of person, but also makes the finishing design more concise.

When designing the window, we also used sliding window, not only will not occupy interior space, beautiful appearance, affordable, good sealing, and use high-grade slide track, tight sensitive.

Why trust us

Our design team has 18 years of design experience and is skilled in using software such as Tekla, Sketch up and CAD for design and drawing. We can carry on the reasonable design according to your request and provide the best solution, or we can manufacture strictly according to your drawings and request.

Our products has went through ISO/CE/SGS/GB/BS/AISI inspect certifications with low cost and best quality.

Over 16000 buildings delivered in the world! Products have been exported to Europe, Australia, North America, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and other countries and regions.

Who We Are

Qingdao Yili Steel Structure Co., Ltd. is a professional high quality steel structure manufacturer. If you need a steel structre workshop, steel warehouse or steel structure building, please contact us and let us deal with the details of your building objectives. We manage your projects to ensure that all requirements and deliveries are completed on time and that the whole process runs smoothly.

  • Client :yili
  • Location :Qingdao City, China
  • Surface Area : 4080 m2
  • Year Completed :2020