Steel Workshop Building Project

Project Descripation


For over 18 years, Qingdao YILI has been the industry leader in customized workshop solutions. We offer a wide variety of models and sizes to suit any produce need. From a 500 square meters workshop building to a large span workshop construction, we can provide a structure that will allow you to produce anything. When you’re looking for a steel workshop that is versatile, durable and reliable, Qingdao YILI’s steel workshops are the top choice in the industrial.

Project Description:

  • Dimension: Qingdao YILI provides this 60.4*57.15*17m steel workshop for our client this year. It’s ground floor’s height is 7.7m, the first floor’s height is 4.5m, the second floor’s height is 4.7m. It is a three-layer steel workshop building with a parapet wall in height of 2m, which makes the appearance of this workshop much more prettier.
  • Structure: Our designer adds middle pillars to ensure this workshop will be safe and stable enough under the heavy load. Inner gutters are set between parapet wall and roof edge to collect rain water, and downpipes are connected with the gutter so rain water could drain through pipes to the outside of workshop.
  • Material: Brand new high-strength steel plate made by first-class steel mill will be used as raw material, we never use rusted stock. Generally Q355 steel will be used to produce main H beams and columns, and Q235 for purlins. Commercial grade tie rods, steel angles, bracings, angle supports, sleeve pipes and tie bars will be the significant parts of supporting system.
  • Maintenance System: This workshop adopts glass cotton sandwich panel as roof panel and wall panel because the local temperature is high. Sandwich panel could prevent heat entering into workshop.
  • Accessories: As a one-stop solution supplier, we also provide electric rolling doors and plastic steel windows for our clients. Considering this workshop will be using for produce automobile metal parts, we add one electric rolling doors on each gable wall side and plastic steel windows alongside the workshop. That will be facilitate for vehicles’ passing and the inside of workshop will be brighter.
  • Installation: Our new type steel structure is connected by bolts which makes it convenient to install, this project was completed within 3 weeks by 10 workers.


Safe: Qingdao YILI is the perfect company to provide wonderful solution and products for you. Our product will provide comfort, security and durability against fire, snow, and hurricane-force winds. All Qingdao YILI metal workshops are custom engineered to meet the wind and snow loads for your location.

Customizable: The outside of YILI’s workshops are customizable as well. Choose the model that best suits your needs and budget and select the style of wall panel you prefer. You can choose single steel wall panel if you don’t need to isolate the heat and sound, or choose sandwich panel if your local temperature is pretty high.

Design Ability: Our talented design team with 16 years experience has designed steel workshops for more than 80 countries. We’ll provide various solutions for your reference. Internationally-used design softwares such as Tekla, SketchUp, Auto CAD etc. make the drawings easy to understand, and show completed building structure perfectly.

Cost-effective: You’ll save money for years with a Qingdao YILI steel workshop. Our workshops are made with high quality steel that has the ability to resist damage from extreme weather events such as strong wind and earthquake. This significantly reduces maintenance costs while you own the building.

Easy to Install:Our new type steel structure is more convenient to install, 2,000 square meters can be completed within 1 week by 5 workers.

What Our Clients Say

Akram, a YILI customer from Saudi Arabia, uses his metal workshop building with crane to produce his steel materials. He chose a YILI steel workshop because he liked the versatility the workshop offered. He also liked the idea of being able to add on to his building in the future. Akram appreciated how easy it was to put the building together by using the shop kit.

  • Client :yili
  • Location :Qingdao City, China
  • Surface Area : 10356 m2
  • Year Completed :2020